Grounds for Misbehave by Public Servant

Petitioner had not been cleared due to bad family background and declared unsuitable for the post of Sub-Inspector by Agency and he was not for appointed as Sub-Inspector. High Court held that while making recruitment to any post including that of Sub-Inspectors only personal character of a candidate is relevant and he cannot be held liable/responsible for bad character/mis-deeds of any other member of his family. Viewing the case in hand even with reference to Islamic juris prudence, no one can be made responsible for mis-deeds of others. Writ Petition-Service-18642-18 YOUSAF SADIQUE VS GOP ETC 28-02-2020 2020 LHC 749

Authorities on locus standii What Is Locus Standii

LOCUS STANDAI 2019 SCMR 1952 Arts. 184(3)---Constitutional jurisdiction under Art. 184(3) of the Constitution--- Writ of quo warranto---locus standi /"aggrieved person"---For issuance of a writ of quo warranto, person/petitioner laying information before Court need not be an aggrieved person. 2016 SCMR 1403 Inheritance mutation---Estoppel and abandonment of claim---Where any heir, who was directly affected by a wrongfully recorded mutation of inheritance, failed to challenge such mutation for a considerable length of time until his death, deprived his own heirs of the locus standi to dispute such mutation on the ground of his estoppel, abandonment of claim/cause of action. 2016 SCMR 679 S. 8---Declaration of property as evacuee trust property---Proof---Plea that there was no document on record showing that suit property had been attached to a charitable, religious or educational purposes---Validity---When preponderance of documentary as well as oral evidence on the re
Citation Name : 2019 PL,C(CS) 1467 LAHORE-HIGH-COURT-LAHORE Side Appellant SHABAZ 'INAL1 KHAN Side Opponent; GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, ESTABLISHMENTOIVISION REGIONAL BOARD FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. S.372---Benevolent fund and group insurance of the deceased employee—Succession certificate,. issuance or---Only such benefits were inheritable which became receivable by the deceased during his lifetime Le_ payable lo the employee before his death—Service benefits are given  to the employee as grant/compensation En lieu or death and made payable to a nominee or family were not heritable and could not be treated as tarka .estate of the deceased--I3enevorent fund and group insurance could not be treated as heritable being specie of grant compensation  accrued after the death of an employee. Citation Name : 2O19 PLC! 1 KARACHI-HIGH-COURT-SINDH Side Appellant : MUFIAMMAD „PAVED Side Opponent : Mst. ROSHAN JAHAN Inneritance---"larka "--Scop-e--Employee benefits--General Provideri

Abhinandan Arrested; Two Fighter Planes Of India hitted By Pakistan Air Force.

The differences between Pakistan and India have gone to such an extent that India has tried several times to attack Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan This act of aggression has been agitated by Pakistan at every forum. But such act was not accepted by the Indian government as well as Indian armed forces. Yesterday India tried to attack Pakistan through  fighter planes and due to the timely intervention of the Pakistan Air Force such tyrant Act was reverted timely. Today, again, the Indian Air Force tried to intervene in the peaceful area of Pakistan and crossed the line of control with 2 fighter airplanes. Such act of the Indian Air Force was timely rebutted  by Pakistan Air Force on the order of prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and due to the timely orders of Pakistan armed forces, to fighter airplanes were shot within the territory of Pakistan. Abhinandan the officer of Indian Air Force has been arrested in this regard and another fighter pilot is in the

Pakistan Won The War From India.. Palwama Attack... True Facts Revealed

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has clearly told India that he would never tolerate any type of aggression against the state. He also told that he is ready to enter in to the discussion with the India about the terrorism attack at Pulwama. India has bitterly failed to get any support from the world about the so-called terrorism attack at Pulwama, and  Pakistani ambassadors throughout the world, has convinced the modern world that such attacks were never supported by the Pakistani government. The permanent envoy and ambassador of Pakistan at United Nation, Dr maleeha Lodhi has told publicly that she also met with the United Nation Officials and told that Pakistan is never involved in anti-terrorist activities. She father told the United Nation that Pakistan is a peaceful country and and Pakistan has also been subjected to the terrorism for which they have lost the of lives of Army officers, army man along with the lives of innocent people. The prime minister of P

Writ Petition Against Order Of 491 CrPc(Habaes Corpus) Custody Of Minor Child(Sample)

IN THE LAHORE HIGH COURT MULTAN BENCH MULTAN W.P. No._______________/2019 Azeem Bakhsh son of Malik Kalu, R/O Chah Musa Wala, Khooni Kalro Thal, P/O Khokhar Abad, Tehsil & District Layyah. ..PETITIONER VERSUS Addl. Sessions Judge/Justice of Peace Khanewal. Station House Officer, Police Station Private respondent . RESPONDENTS .PROFORMA RESPONDENTS WRIT PETIITON UNDER ARTICLE 199 OF THE CONSTITIUTION OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN 1973 READ WITH SECTION 561-A CR.P.C FOR SETTING ASIDE ORDER DATED 31.01.2019 PASSED BY  LEARNED RESPONDENT No.1. Respectfully Sheweth, That the names and addresses of the parties have correctly been given in the head note of the petition for effecting service and all other allied communications. That brief facts giving rise to the instant petition are that the respondent No.3 filed an application U/S 491 Cr.P.C before the learned respondent No.1 for the production of Muhammad Ilyas aged about 15 years, Samia Bibi aged about

Sample Of Petition U/A 199 Of Harrasment(marriage) Against Police and Private Person

IN THE LAHORE HIGH COURT MULTAN BENCH MULTAN W.P. No. _____________________/2019 Mst. Sadia Bibi.... Muhammad Adnan,.... Both presently R/O...... ……………………..PETITIONER VERSUS District Police Officer, Dera Ghazi Khan. Station House Officer Police Station Raitra, District D.G Khan. Station House Officer Police Station Kot Sultan, District Layyah. Respondents 4,5,6,7... ……………….RESPONDENTS WRIT PETIITON UNDER ARTICLE 199 OF THE CONSTITIUTION OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, 1973. Respectfully Sheweth, That the names and addresses of the parties have correctly been given in the head note of the petition for affecting service and communications. That the succinct germane facts essential for appreciation of arguments being advanced on behalf of the petitioners are that petitioner No.1 is aged 19 years being sui-juris muslim lady had contracted her marriage with  petitioner No.2, with her own free will, consent and her own choice, the  according to Sharia Mohammadi a